US and European Military and Security Experts Warn: The Insanity of Politicians Threatens Nuclear War

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May 22 (EIRNS) – The Schiller Institute today issued the following updated invitation to its May 26 conference “US and European Military and Security Experts Warn: The Insanity of Politicians Threatens Nuclear War.”

Col. Richard Black (ret.), former head of the U.S. Army’s Criminal Law Division at the Pentagon and former Virginia State Senator

Gen. Leonardo Tricarico (ret.), former Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force

Ray McGovern, Analyst, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA-ret.), founding member of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)

Eric Denécé, Director of the French Center for Intelligence Studies (CF2R)

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Founder of the Schiller Institute

Two items published by well-known bastions of British imperialism should shake you to your core. First, on May 20, the Deputy Director General of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) Malcolm Chalmers, presented a strategy to goad Russia to the nuclear brink over Crimea, or what he called a “Cuban Missile Crisis on steroids.” He argued such a dangerous provocation could make it “easier” to force Russia to settle the war with Ukraine. He suggested that Ukraine, emboldened by NATO’s strategy of “boiling the Russian frog”—handing increasingly sophisticated weapons in ever greater amounts over to that country—could move to recover Crimea as it has desired since 2014. Russia could consider that an existential threat, and push Vladimir Putin into putting Russia’s nuclear forces on high alert and threatening to use them. “It would be a moment of extreme peril,” Chalmers acknowledged, but “precisely because of the peril inherent in such a situation a nuclear crisis of this sort could make it easier for leaders to make difficult compromises.”

RUSI is the British Crown’s principal defense think tank since it was founded in 1831. The Chalmers article, “This War Still Presents Nuclear Risks—Especially in Relation to Crimea,” is an eye-opener (

Second, back in 2020 the Henry Jackson Society (HJS) of London published a report outlining a strategy to use the infamous “Five Eyes” alliance of U.K., U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand as the instrument to force through the full economic decoupling of the West from China. This rabidly anti-Russia, anti-China neo-con think tank is run by British intelligence, through, among others, former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove (of “Russiagate” infamy), who was one of the founders of the HJS and is one of its principals today. Even the attempt to decouple China from the international system, before consummated, could detonate an “economic nuclear bomb” upon the world economy. China is not just the world’s largest trading power. It currently is generating the highest rate of scientific-technological development on the planet, a productive power which developing sector nations and the collapsing Western nations urgently require to survive.

Actual nuclear warfare could also result. Part of the HJS strategy, is to build up ties with Taiwan, leading to its separation from China. China has made abundantly clear, that it will respond with overwhelming military force to any attempt to split Taiwan off from the nation of China. This is as a dangerous a proposition as a NATO-backed Ukraine moving to retake Crimea.

President Joe Biden is currently championing these precise British strategies on his current trip to Asia.

The May 26 Schiller Institute conference offers you a unique opportunity to listen to leading experts in the security field, who are offering insights which you will never get from the mainstream media.

Col. Richard Black, in an April 26 interview with EIR, stated:

“We need to understand the gravity of what we’re doing. Perhaps if it were a matter of life and death for the United States, what happens in Ukraine would be one thing. Certainly, when the Soviet Union put missiles in Cuba that targeted the United States, that was worth taking the risk, because it was right on our border, and it threatened us. It was a battle worth fighting and a risk worth taking. The Russians are in this in exactly the mirror image of that situation, because for them, the life of Russia depends on stopping NATO from advancing further right into Ukraine, right to their borders. They cannot afford not to fight this war. They cannot afford not to win this war…

“And yet we’re playing this reckless game, toying with this constant escalation in a war that risks the lives of all people in the United States and Western Europe for nothing! Just absolutely for nothing!”

Gen. Leonardo Tricarico, former Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force, in a recent interview with, said:

“Politicians have lost their mind; the only one who is calling for peace is the Pope, and the EU should drop the Strategic Compass and the crazy idea of winning the war in Ukraine.

“The breakup of negotiations after the so-called Bucha massacre shows that many people have lost their wisdom and some of them have lost their minds …I am referring to those actors who could and should be the first to promote serious and structured peace negotiations, especially the United States, NATO, Poland, and the Baltic countries. They should try to address Zelensky, make him more receptive and malleable, instead they are fomenting, inciting, and arming him… Zelensky must be given the chance to negotiate from a dignified position. The problem is that USA and NATO are arming Ukraine to go to the end with the war, and not to be stronger in a negotiation with Moscow.”

VIPS founding member Ray McGovern is warning:

“So, you don’t have to be paranoid … Paranoia or not, the likelihood that nuclear weapons might be used if Putin `perceives’ he is losing in Ukraine is NOT something to be treated with such nonchalance.”

Eric Denécé, Director of the French Center on Intelligence Researches (CF2R), stated in early May that at a Schiller Institute's videoconference that "it is essential that we leave the integrated command of the Atlantic Alliance and return to the pre-2008 situation [when France was out]. This collective organization, which in the past played its role to the fullest, has had no other reason to exist since the end of the Cold War than to satisfy American interests. Of course, leaving the integrated command will not bring us anything, but remaining in it leads us to assume collective positions that are contrary to our interests."

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Founder of the Schiller Institute, is leading a worldwide organizing drive for a new International Security and Development Architecture as the only way to overcome the danger of nuclear war.


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