Petition for Artists:

Revive Classical Principles Based on Friedrich Schiller’s ‘The Artists’

The Schiller Institute is calling upon Artists of every type—musicians, painters, actors, song writers, authors and scientists as well—to sign our rallying call and embrace poet Friedrich Schiller’s 1795 work “The Artists” as the foundation for a global movement to restore Classical Principles in artistic work of all forms. This endeavor is required to assemble a global, truthful peace movement. As Schiller portrayed in his “allegorical poem”, it is the Artists who inspire the Patriots of their nations to discover that they are, in fact World Citizens; artistic creation releases the universal capacity of mankind for creative discovery as the basis for solving problems of survival and inspiring trust between different cultures.

The mission of those compelled by their own hearts and minds to become Artists,  is to inspire and defend that capacity. “The dignity of mankind has been placed in your hands; Never abandon it!” Schiller states in the poem.

Worldwide we are faced with the need to restore trustful diplomacy as the basis for resolving war-torn conflicts from erupting into nuclear war. The unified voice of Artists, namely those gifted with the passion to open “beauty’s morning-gate” to their fellow man, so that humanity can “penetrate the land of knowledge” as Schiller portrays the mission, is now urgently needed to nurture trust between nations.

It is Schiller, the author of the famous “Ode to Joy”, known throughout the world by its ringing call that “Alle Menschen werden Brueder” (“all men become brothers”) is calling upon us today to seize this paradoxical moment in world history of unprecedented opportunity and peril.

Sign our petition; study the document, “Poet of Freedom Friedrich Schiller’s ‘The Artists’ Shall Be the Standard for Overturning the Cultural Breakdown that Obstructs Peace and Drives Mankind to Global Nuclear War,” issued in August to launch this campaign and circulate it to others. The Classical Principle is rooted in the certainty that every human being has a sacred right to a meaningful life, substantiated by the natural beauty which opens the human mind to discoveries that then allow us to surpass mere nature, to greater achievements that celebrate the potential for creative discovery embedded in human civilization. This subject is vital to assembling the forces that can end the pattern of perpetual war and bring about a new era, a new Renaissance of human accomplishment.

Initiating signer:

Renee Sigerson (U.S.A.), Cellist, Grad. New York High School of Music & Art; Author "Furtwängler: The Baton Raised To Silence TyrannyEIR 2015; Lyndon LaRouche's "LaRouche-Riemann Economic Model" research group member; Schiller Institute founding member & organizer

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