Appeal to the Citizens of the Global North: We Must Support the Construction of a New Just World Economic Order!

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by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

The summit of the BRICS countries, which will take place from August 22-24 in Johannesburg, South Africa despite all Western attempts to disrupt it, will demonstrate to the whole world that a new world economic order has emerged, opening a new chapter in human history. Nations of the Global South, which already represent the vast majority of the world’s population, are expressing their effective resolve to end forever the past period of some 600 years of colonialism, and to establish an economic system that encourages the sovereign, equitable development of all states of this earth, the elimination of poverty, and the creation of a decent standard of living for all. We, the citizens of the Global North, must wholeheartedly congratulate this development and support it through practical cooperation!

A correct analysis of how this tectonic change in the strategic situation came about is essential. This formation of a new economic model is not the result of the work of “Russian trolls” or “Chinese aggression,” as the mainstream media would have us believe. Rather, it is the result of a huge strategic miscalculation by forces primarily in the USA and Great Britain, which, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, mistakenly saw themselves as the victors of the Cold War, and derived from this the license to impose their neoliberal economic model on a unipolar world, and to bring the various methods of “regime change” to bear upon all governments who do not want to conform to this “rules-based order.”

The historic opportunity of 1989, to establish what was then a perfectly possible peace order for the 21st century, was squandered and replaced by the US neocons’ Wolfowitz Doctrine and Brzezinski’s policies, which were designed to cement into place the US-British-dominated unipolar world order, which decreed that no nation or group of nations should ever surpass the United States economically, militarily, or politically.

This supposed “end of history” that Fukuyama thought he was seeing involved the complete deregulation of markets, and the extensive privatization of segments of the economy that had previously been under state control. There was now little standing in the way of profit maximization in a globalized casino economy, which led to an ever-widening gap between rich and poor, and ultimately to the point that Lyndon LaRouche had predicted in 1971 when President Nixon repealed the fixed-exchange rates of the Bretton Woods system, namely the systemic crisis of the neoliberal financial system, which manifested itself in 2008 and which has not been resolved since then, but has only been postponed by unlimited money printing by the central banks, the so-called “QE.”

This policy, which essentially benefited speculation, led to a complex counter-reaction. China was willing to participate in globalization with its reform and opening-up policies, but instead of submitting to the model of Western neoliberal democracy, this 5,000-year-old civilization turned to its own culture, pursuing the model of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and thus set in motion an unprecedented economic miracle. China’s willingness to share the experience of this successful model with other nations of the Global South, in the form of the Silk Road Initiative, led to a renaissance of the Non-Aligned Movement and the revival of the “Bandung spirit.” The countries of the Global South are painfully aware of the fact that colonialism has persisted in its modern form—namely in the unfair trade and credit conditions of the liberal financial system—which President Sukarno and Prime Minister Nehru had already warned about in Bandung 68 years ago.

This colonialism did not end after the end of World War II, as President Roosevelt had intended, but was perpetuated by Churchill and Truman. But above all, after September 11, 2001, under the banner of the “war on terrorism,” the USA concentrated on military and security operations worldwide, the establishment of up to 1,000 military bases, and the training of military forces in almost every continent. Then there were various “humanitarian wars of intervention,” the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc. Obviously, the idea of economic development in these countries fell by the wayside.

It should come as no surprise that under these circumstances, a large number of the nations of the Global South are choosing to cooperate with the BRICS countries, which are offering them real economic growth and treatment as equal partners. In this, and in the very concrete experience of the behavior of the former colonial powers (and the current hegemonic power), lies the reason why the nations of the South have refused to condemn Russia’s supposedly “unprovoked war of aggression,” and to take the side of the “rules-based” West.

The BRICS summit will make this historic realignment visible in the world so dramatically that even the mainstream media and political forces (which until recently, with their usual Eurocentric arrogance, have at best perceived the countries of the Global South as exotic vacation spots), must take note of the new reality. But the all-important question will be how the nations of the Global North relate to this emerging economic order.

Attempting to maintain the long-defunct unipolar world will almost certainly lead to World War III, to which we have come dangerously close with the situation in Ukraine, where the failure of the Ukrainian counter-offensive has exhausted the conventional dimension of the war, so that only ending the war through diplomatic negotiations, or escalating to the use of nuclear weapons, remain as options. The notion that the West must “decouple” from China and the BRI’s sphere of influence, or engage in “risk reduction” to use the new, ridiculous formulation, would lead not only to economic self-destruction as in the case of Germany, but this notion also leads to war. For the splitting of the world into two completely separate blocs—a US-dominated, global NATO bloc that continues to cling to the model of the casino economy, and an economically fast-growing bloc of the Global South around the BRICS countries—would not remain peaceful, either.

There is only one sure way to resolve the many existential crises that exist around the world: Instead of viewing and opposing the new economic model of the BRICS countries as an antagonist, it is in the self-interest of the nations of the Global North to cooperate with this emerging New World Economic Order and to jointly tackle the daunting task of overcoming poverty and underdevelopment.

There are currently few signs that the representatives of the transatlantic establishment would be willing to admit their misjudgments and policy mistakes of the last almost 35 years, with a few exceptions such as former French President Sarkozy. But the ordinary citizens of Europe and the USA should now very urgently check the axioms of their own thinking, inquiring whether they are not perhaps influenced by a Eurocentric point of view and the associated latent racism.

In Goethe’s Faust, the young Gretchen asks her lover, Faust, how he feels about religion. The Germans call this a “Gretchen question,” and it can mean the question you don’t want to answer because it exposes the thing you most want to conceal. The simple Gretchen question regarding the relationship of the North to the South is: Have we really accepted that it should stay like this forever, that almost a billion people are permanently on the brink of starvation, two billion have no clean drinking water, 940 million have no access to electricity and the vast majority of humanity, due to poverty, does not have the ability to develop the potential that is inherent in them, and are thus robbed of what is one of the most precious possessions of man?

We must not see the emergence of this new economic order as only long overdue for Africa, Asia and Latin America, but we should also understand that we too can only get our own ailing economies going again by cooperating with them. President Xi Jinping has made it clear from the outset that the Belt and Road Initiative is open to cooperation with any country in the world, and it is almost certain that the BRICS countries will respond openly to offers of cooperation from Western nations.

However, this requires that we in the West demonstrate unequivocally that we are ready for honest cooperation. Above all, this includes giving up the concept of expanding NATO into a global NATO, and working specifically on a new international security and development architecture that takes into account the interests of all nations, including Russia, Ukraine, China and all other states. I have formulated ten principles on this topic, the aspects that such a new architecture must take into account.

Our entire future, that of the nations of the Global South, and not least of all world peace, will depend on whether we can win enough forces in the European nations and the USA to seize the extraordinary opportunity that presents itself in the possibility of cooperation with the BRICS-Plus States. We are currently experiencing an epochal change of the kind that happens maybe once in a thousand years, and the great thing is that we can all help shape this new era through our contribution. We can help end the shameful phase of colonialism and begin a human chapter in universal history.

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Initiating signer
: Helga Zepp-LaRouche (Germany), founder, Schiller Institute

Additional prominent signers (affiliation for identification purposes only)

Tse Anye Kevin Africa Deputy President, State55, Afrika
Abderrahim Kachour Algeria TV journalist, station AL-24
Pablo Antonio Anzaldi Argentina Professor, Political Science, Catholic University of Argentina; Superior War College
Enrique Juan Box Argentina Social communicator
Juan Francisco Numa Soto Argentina Legal counsel to Yacyretá Binational Entity; former professor of Constitutional Law, University of Buenos Aires
Carlos Pérez Galindo Argentina Lawyer
Eduardo Anibal Putruele Argentina Former Economics Professor, University of Concepión del Uruguay
Osman Vladimir Escobar Torrez Bolivia Human Rights Secretary, Bolivian Labor Confederation (COB)
Max Yecid Ibáñez Bolivia Former Secretary of Grievance Resolution, National Federation of Electrical and Telephone Workers
Sandra Marca Uscamayta Bolivia Tajibal Community, Santa Cruz
Jairo Dias Carvalho Brazil Professor of Philosophy of Technology, Federal University of Uberlândia
Jacques Bacamurwanko Burundi/Guinea Former Ambassador of Burundi to the United States
Juan Gómez Chile Peace activist
Fernando Duque Jaramillo Colombia Lawyer; Master's degree in Political Science
Enrique Ramirez Guier Costa Rica Biologist; consultant
Juan José Arias Dipre Dominican Republic Chemical engineer
Ramón Emilio Concepción Dominican Republic Attorney at Law; Presidential Pre-candidate, PRM party (2020)
Esther C. Cuenca Carrión Dominican Republic Professor
Salvador De Jesús Piñeiro Dominican Republic Attorney
Máximo Doleo R. Dominican Republic Psychologist
Rafael Antonio Espaillat Almonte Dominican Republic Geographer
Ramón Gross Dominican Republic Business Administrator; Teacher and Post-graduate Professor, Catholic University of Santo Domingo
Dantes Ortiz Núñez Dominican Republic Historian; Professor of History, Autonomous University of Santo Domingo
Rafael Reyes Jerez Dominican Republic journalist
Patricia Merizalde Ecuador Founder and President, International Feminist Poetry Movement, "Women's Flight" (Vuelo de Mujer)
Alexis Ponce Ecuador Human rights advocate, National Association of Patients and Vulnerable Families of Ecuador.
Napoleón Saltos Galarza Ecuador University professor; Member of Parliament (1996-1998)
Jacques Cheminade France President, Solidarité et Progrès; former presidential candidate
Dominique Delawarde France General (ret.). French Land Army
Jean-Pierre Luminet France Astrophysicist
Rene Michel France University professor; mathematician
Ali Rastbeen France President, Académie de Géopolitique, Paris
Dr. jur. Wolfgang Bittner Germany Author
Joachim Bonatz Germany Vice President, East German Board of Trustees of Associations (Ostdeutsches Kuratorium von Verbaenden e.V.), Berlin
Ole Doering Germany/China Professor of Philosophy , Hunan Normal University
Karl-Heinz Kaufmann Germany Peace activist
Friedemann Munkelt Germany Col. (ret.), NVA (National People's Army, former GDR)
Prof. Wilfried Schreiber Germany Col. (ret), Prof. Dr. Phil et sc.oec.; Senior Research Fellow, World Trends Institute for International Policy, Potsdam
Bartholomew Chirapanga Ghana Interpreter for Legal Services in Russian, German, English, and French
Dr. Takis Ioannides Greece Co-Founder, Global Gandhian Harmony Association
Raul Anibal Marroquin Casasola Guatemala Coordinator, Citizen Observatory for Peace "The Pupil of Heaven", San Cristóbal, Verapaz
Otto Rene Quiñonez Carias Guatemala Former Congressman (1991/1993)
Donald Ramotar Guyana Former President of Guyana
Hassan Salem Abbas Iraq Member, Iraqi Council of Representatives (Parliament); Chairman, Committee of Martyrs, Victims, and Political Prisoners
Mustafa Jabbar Sanad Iraq Member, Iraqi Council of Representatives (Parliament)
Angelo Aiello Italy Former scouting director, AC Milan
Francesco Battaglia Italy Professor of Physical Chemistry, University of Modena
Davide Donateo Italy Founder, News Academy
Nino Galloni Italy General Director, Labor Ministry, 1990-2002; economist and author
Liliana Gorini Italy Chairwoman, Movisol
Bruno Marro Italy Musician, composer, author
Alessia Ruggeri Italy Trade unionist, IPC
Chandra Muzaffar Malaysia Founder and Director, International Movement for a Just World (JUST)
Ms. Adam A. Ouologuem Mali Journalist; President, Mali Diaspora in the DC, Maryland & Virginia region; President, Africa Society Inc. in Mali
Alberto Vizcarra Ozuna Mexico Former Congressman; Coordinator of Citizens Movement for Water, Ciudad Obregón, and National Front for the Rescue of Mexican Farmland, Sonora
Alex Krainer Monaco Financial consultant, Krainer Analytics
Bolívar Téllez Castellón Nicaragua Ph.D. in Education; Lawyer
Dr. Adewale Aiyden Nigeria Forensic Investigator
David Ajetunmobi Nigeria Trade union leader, auto sector
Thore Vestby Norway Former Member of Parliament
Blagoje Babić Serbia Member, Serbian Academy of Economic Sciences
Natasa Milojevic Serbia Political analyst; former Member of Parliament
Meshack Mokete Maxongo South Africa Leader, LaRouche South Africa
Lars Modin South Africa Marine engineer
Javier Otazu Spain Economist
Juan José Torres Nuñez Spain Poet, published author, freelance journalist
Hussein Askary Sweden Vice-Chairman, Belt and Road Institute, Sweden; Southwest Asia Coordinator, Schiller Institute
Koku Foli Adomdza United Kingdom Professor of Law; Higher Degree of Research (HDRH)
Brian A. Earley United States Captain (ret.), U.S. Army
Muhammad Salim Akhtar United States National Director, American Muslim Alliance (AMA)
David Andersson United States Co-Director, Pressenza International Press Associaiton
Anastasia Battle United States Schiller Institute; Editor-in-Chief, Leonore Magazine; Humanity for Peace organizer
Prof. Oliver Boyd-Barrett United States Professor Emeritus, Bowling Green State University
Nick Brana United States Chair, People's Party
Lt. (ret.) Robert Branca United States U.S. Naval Reserve; Vietnam Veteran
Ellen Brown United States Activist for Public Banking; Author, "Web of Debt"
Lisa Hart Carroll United States Actress, painter, writer; collaborator and widow of Al Reinert; Screenwriter for Apollo 13 movie; Director and Producer, "For All of Mankind"
Dr. Joycelyn Elders United States 15th Surgeon-General of the United States (1993-1994)
Graham Fuller United States/Canada Former CIA Official; Former Vice-Chairman, National Intelligence Council; author
Jack Gilroy United States Pax Christi Upstate NY; Pax Christi International; Veterans for Peace
Ephraim Haile United States/Eritrea Eritrean Cultural & Development Center (ECDC), Eritrean Diaspora, Boston
Dr. Abate Kirkos United States Founder, Forum for Research Initiatives, Knowledge, Exchange, and Development Support (FRIENDS)
Ricardo Macedo United States Independent sociologist; university professor; political analyst
Joseph Marcinkowski United States Veterans for Peace; Pax Christi, Houston
Irene Mavrakakis United States Founder and Chair, Liberty Speaks Inc.; Humanity for Peace organizer
Angela McArdle United States Chair, Libertarian Party National Committee
Dr. Andrews Nkansah United States Under-Secretary General, African Diaspora Congress (ADC)
Dr. Sylvester Okere United States President, United People for African Congress, Washington DC
Cynthia Pooler United States "An American Who Thinks", YouTube podcaster, "Issues That Matter"
Earl Rasmussen United States Lt. Col. (Ret.), U.S. Army; International consultant
Harley Schlanger United States/Germany Spokesman, The LaRouche Organization; Vice-President, Schiller Institute
Vaithilingam Shanmuganathan United States Founder and President, Ever Green Award;
Paul Shannon United States Member, Massachusetts Peace Action
Steven Starr United States Professor, University of Missouri
Dr. Jack Stockwell United States Morning Radio Talk Show Host (1995-present), Salt Lake City, UT
Dr. Terri Strong United States Senior Pastor, Mt. Sinai AME Church, Arlington, TN
Barbara Suhrstedt United States Concert pianist (ret.);, President, Board of Directors - Framingham Lomonosov Association for Mutual Exchange (F.L.A.M.E.)
Mark Sweazy United States Former President, United Auto Workers (UAW) Local 969
Dr. Mohammad A. Toor United States Chairman, Board, of Trustees, Pakistani American Congress
Marco Antonio Andara Hernández Venezuela Social media organizer; Professor
José Bustamante Plaz Venezuela Sociologist
Andrés Ramón Giussepe Avalo Venezuela Former member, Latin American Parliament
Emil R. Guevara Munoz Venezuela Former member, Latin American Parliament (2006-2011)
Juan Martorano Venezuela Attorney; Defender of Human Rights; Columnist
Roberto R. Montano Venezuela Electronics engineer
Maria Gabriela Sánchez Perdomo Venezuela Editor
Manuel Felipe Sierra Venezuela Journalist, political analyst, writer, radio and television host
Munashe Chiwanza Zambia Civil engineer

Background material

Colonialism is over! Appeal to the USA and Europe: Support A New, Just World Economic Order, Not War!


· The World Needs 1.5 Billion New, Productive Jobs; Executive Intelligence Review Report

· How the International Development Bank Will Work; by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., May 16, 1975

· Ten Principles of a New International Security and Development Architecture; by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

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